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Asian Smalti
 • Opaque

Asian Tiles - Sheets
(20mm x 20mm Tiles)
 • Plain - Goldstar - iRidium (Pearl)
 • Marble - Satin - Pearl

Asian Tiles - 500grm Bags
  (20mm x 20mm)
  (15mm x 15mm)
  (10mm x 10mm)

Mixed Asian Tiles - Bags
  (20mm and 15mm)

Italian Tiles - Sheets
  Bisazza Series 1 & 2
  Bisazza Series 3 & 4
  Bisazza Gold

Unglazed Ceramic - Sheets
  (20mm x 20mm)/(20mm Round)
  (25mm x 25mm)

Mirror Tiles & Millifiore.


The Right Tools


ParexDavco P/L - Grouts and Adhesives

Mosaic Artists

Julee Latimer Mosaics

David Jack

Kathryn Portelli

Belinda Conibeer

Ozzie Mozzie Mosaics

Dianne Sillitoe


Artopia Mosaics

Purple Dog

Mirror Tiles, Millifiore & Beads

Please Note: All prices now include gst.


Mixed Millifiore

A bag of mixed sizes and designs.
Opaque and Transparent.

Millifiore can add a beautiful dimension to your mosaic piece.

100g bag: $29.00

Also available in 10mm dia.



Mirror Tiles
20mm x 20mm

Approximately 135 tiles per 500g Bag

500g bag: $20.00

Please note: Mirror tiles are only sold when purchased with other products in the range. Minimum value of other products to be $30.00

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